Here to introduce our new X-5 Lever Hoist!

As we are rolling out our newest products, Contractor Supply Magazine has published an article about this very hoist! Our President, Peter Brettner, had a few words to share with the magazine.

Please find below a link to the article:

All Material Handling – Introducing X-5 Lever Hoist

Please take a moment and read our awesome article published in the Slingmakers catalog, issue 146. It is a great article about not only our president and his personal story in this industry, but also on AMH itself and how we have grown and are continuing to grow. Always with our customer’s needs in mind!

Perfect Service & Supply Strategy in the World of Rigging

AMH sees the trend of increasing demand for self-locking hooks in wire-rope and chain-sling applications. All Material Handling therefore presents its new Self-Locking Hook for MA-(Hand Chain) and LA (Lever Chain)-Series hoist. Self-locking hooks are designed to close by the load being lifted, and opened by a hidden trigger that is protected from snagging by being flush to the surface of the hook. They are easily assembled into standard bolted hook blocks, allowing complete hook inspection as per ASME B30 safety code. One of the best features of a self-locking hook is that its latch cannot go missing.

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More Information

All Material Handling announces new all black finish on their standard and shackle type beam clamps. The all black finish is neutral to any choice of hoist or rigging and may be welcomed by the theatrical industry. The corrosion resistance, of the previously bright plated cross shaft, was maintained by the utilization of “Black Oxide” finish. Customers also prefer the ease of installing the AMH beam clamps as no tools are required.

Press Release: Beam Clamp

Since early 2005, All Material Handling has been developing a web-based database for documenting lifting equipment test data. AMH has currently released this database for use by any AMH distributors qualified for servicing AMH product. They system is capable of storing and retrieving test data by serial number of lifting equipment. Not only is the data stored in the web-based database, but as it is entered a corresponding test certificate can be printed for the end user’s records. AMH’s system offers three choices of test types depending on the extent of testing required.

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All Material Handling is announcing a new option for MA series hand chain hoist and LA series lever hoist: USA made load chain is now available.
AMH distributors may specify the USA load chain by adding a “U” to the end of their item number, for example: MA010-10-08U. Hoist equipped with the USA load chain will be inspected and re certified in one of our US service centers. Hoist bodies will also display “USA LOAD CHAIN” and “USA ASSEMBLED & TESTED” stickers.

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